How to contribute

Offering your donation with clarity and purpose is like planting a tree whose fruit will nourish your great grandchildren.

By contributing as little as 1% you can help preserve our Med’s natural habitat by contributing to one of our listed projects or your donation can be divided between different Med projects. Once you donate 1% we encourage stakeholders to meet together and, along with their employees, to participate in the Marine Citizen Science initiative experiencing it first hand.

Several local businesses have already joined us and are proud supporters!


You can choose 1% of your desired business, be it your annual sales or profit. Once you have joined us, we will provide you with a certification / 1%ForTheMed logo which you will be able to use to communicate your brand values in preserving the Med.


We believe as sole individuals we can also make an impact. As every little helps, one can choose to donate 1% of annual income, or if you think that is a big commitment we also offer single, monthly or annual donations.


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