“No blue, no green. No water, no life”
Sylvia Earle.

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Our purpose is to reconnect people to nature.

1%ForTheMed is a channel through which companies, businesses and individuals can participate by donating 1% towards local projects which are regenerating Mediterranean natural habitats, by enhancing biodiversity and engaging local communities to preserve natural resources.

1%ForTheMed connects and empowers all consumers, businesses, practitioners and policy makers to drive regenerative change.

1%ForTheMed serves as a credible and transparent channel through which financial support is transformed into positive impact.

We offer:

  • complete transparency
  • 100% of donations flow directly to the project.
  • An opportunity for making reliable and resourceful funding available for the regeneration of the Mediterranean
  • Direct access, hands-on participation and open communication with the project coordinators.

Current projects receiving funding:

Cleanwave Foundation

  • - sets out to find solutions and alternatives to single-use plastic, and create a network of public water fountains.
  • MedGardens - focuses on regeneration of underwater forests in the Mediterranean.
  • Cleanwave Education - eco-emotional workshops that foster a connection to nature.

We are currently seeking funding to expand the 1%ForTheMed initiative to create an open platform that showcases a broad selection of projects run by passionate organisations, who have dedicated their life’s work to regenerate, preserve and solve the Med’s most pressing environmental challenges.